Areas of services

Without eroding its one-stop-shop capabilities, Four Legal specializes in a selected few areas of legal services. We are committed to understanding the requirements of our clients not only from the legal perspective, but also from the standpoint of the core business we are supporting, which, in turn, always keeps our service cost-efficient in the long run.


Banking and Finance

Four Legal provides legal support in all aspects of operations of financial institutions. We also offer services to those clients whose business activities require cooperation with financial institutions, either in Serbia or globally. Our team is highly experienced in legal matters pertaining to the regulatory framework of the financial system of Serbia, the creation of which was largely influenced by some of our team.  Our banking and finance practice includes: - General banking - Acquisition and project finance - NPL portfolio restructuring, disposal or acquisition - Factoring - Finance regulation advisory - Payment services


Distressed Portfolios, Restructuring and Insolvency

Four Legal team members hold the experience and client lists that make our office one of the most qualified law firms in the area of representation in bankruptcy proceedings in Serbia. Our lawyers have been involved in some of the most complex bankruptcy proceedings in the past decade in Serbia, and are equipped with a skill-set which ensures the best possible support to both creditors and bankruptcy administrators. In addition to representing clients in bankruptcy proceedings, our team, in collaboration with renowned audit firms, provides services for the preparation of plans of corporate reorganization and restructuring. The provision of services in this particular aspect of our expertise shall always be coordinated by an attorney holding a certificate for bankruptcy administrators and with several years of successful communication and cooperation with licensed bankruptcy administrators, as well as representatives of the regulatory bodies that oversee their work.



Recruiting, retaining and managing the right people is of the most importance for employers. This is why Four legal was involved in issues related to individual and collective employment relationships, restructurings, status of executives and corporate officers, pensions, incentives, covering both cross-border and local dimension of clients’ needs. Four legal is assisting clients in coordinate domestic and international practice regarding M&A, service contracts, severance payments, and confidentiality and restriction covenants. Legal support related to employment includes representation of clients in disputes, as well as representation before state authorities.


Litigation and Dispute Resolution

Four Legal attorneys have ten years of experience in representing domestic and foreign clients in proceedings before courts and in arbitration proceedings, with a particular focus on disputes in the field of corporate law and commerce. Our office provides an efficient top-tier collection services for local and international clients using many years of experience of our team members in representation of commercial banks in court proceedings and out of court collections. The quality of our services is complemented by a long lasting and continuous communication of our team with a number of enforcers, as well as long-term business cooperation with companies involved in the organization of public sales arising from foreclosure.


M&A, Corporate and Commercial

Four Legal provides legal services in all segments of clients’ business activities in Serbia and the region. The comprehensive experience of our team members in each phase of a business life cycle provides for an in-depth understanding of our clients’ legal needs. Four Legal services cover the requirements of the client from the set-up phase of the business to any and all needs arising from domestic and international transactions. While we excel in corporate restructuring, compliance and corporate governance, we strive to provide top quality legal service in all other aspects of company law. Our lawyers took part in coordinating legal aspect of many of the landmark transactions in post-2000 transitional Serbia, as well as some of the most innovative mergers and cross-border acquisition in the Serbian market. Our experience combined with a cross-sector perspective we nurture in everything we do, enables us to approach all transactions in a manner that ensures integrated legal support.


Real estate

Four Legal provides a wide range of legal services in the construction and real estate sector, which is prone to continuous changes both in terms of legislation and practice. Our lawyers have participated in a significant number of transactions that involved acquisition or disposal of land, as well as construction, acquisition and disposal of business or residential buildings in Serbia. The legal support provided by Four Legal encompassed all major aspects of such transactions, including financing, obtaining of necessary documents and permits and drafting of all transaction documents. Considering that almost every real estate project is distinctive and requires a multidisciplinary approach, our lawyers are familiar with teaming up and cooperating with investors, banks, architects and engineers in order to meet the clients’ goals.


Regulatory and Compliance

Four legal is assisting clients in coordinate domestic and international services regarding M&A, service contracts, severance payments, and confidentiality and restriction covenants.